Avant Garde represents premier Alpine destination Chamonix Mont Blanc, France (May 2011 – June 2015). Erstwhile group destination Chamonix Mont Blanc has been positioned successfully as a leading FIT destination in Europe since the representation.
Today it receives Indian travellers across the GIT and FIT segments and India plays a pivotal role in filling in the April- June void in tourism. Apart from being programmed by large tour operators, it is widely sold by boutique agencies and receives over 7500 pax annually across segments.
Results Achieved:
* Chamonix has become a “Must Visit” for Indians travelling to France and Switzerland.
* The increase in night share - A minimum of 2 nights and a max of 7 nights is the current itinerary model for FIT travellers.
* New Segments and Seasons - Ski holidays is the newest segment being tapped with winter breaks changing the seasonality of Indian visitors to Chamonix making it an all year round destination.