• Increasing the number of agents to patronize and include the product in brochures/ itineraries/ references.
• Trade liaison with key Indian agents in prime target markets.
• Maintaining a strong relationship network with key members of the travel fraternity.
• Training and assistance in product development.
• Planning and implementing familiarisation trips.
• Handling joint promotions.
• Dissemination of e-mailers and conducting direct marketing initiatives.
• Attending and participating in relevant road shows and trade events.
• Facilitating and organising targeted sales missions and special events.
• Database Management.  
media • Creating an annual media plan
• Database Management
• Consistent PR with the media trade, consumer and television as well as other multimedia
• Ideating and executing Ad campaigns
• Leveraging relationships to promote the Client
• Drafting and disseminating press releases
• Organizing media familiarisation visits
• Providing media updates on new products and offerings
• Collating press clippings generated from activities undertaken
• Developing a select targeted consumer database
• Organising specialised events targeted at consumer awareness and promotion
• Creating synergies and alliances with like minded brands to explore new client base
• Providing strategic inputs related to advertising


Market Development as part of the organisation’s Growth Strategy must be supported with relevant online activity, to ensure your presence across digital platforms where the target consumer can be approached via community networks using appropriate Online Marketing & Social Media tools.

• Content Management & Marketing
• Online Sales promotion
• Online PR
• Direct Marketing
• Affiliate Partnerships
• SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
• SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies
• Social Media Marketing